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APT Padel Tour: tournaments in Spain and Italy cancelled

apt padel tour dates in Italy canceled


A few days ago the news arrived that theAPT Padel Tour has updated its calendar and canceled padel tournaments in Spain and Italy, effectively closing this season's European tour.

Then they were removed from the calendar:

The APT Padel Tour circuit therefore moves to Argentina and Mexico, as per the new calendar, for its continuation, which will end with the Master Finals in December.

The causes of the cancellation of the Italian stage

It seems, according to the organizer of the APT Padel Tour circuit, Fabrice Pastor, that the causes of the cancellation of the Italian stage are to be found in the negative pressure exerted by Luigi Carraro, president of the International Padel Federation, and by the Italian Tennis Federation. Luigi Carraro has not yet commented on the accusations received from Fabrice Pastor, according to the blog Padel Alto.