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Padel gifts for Christmas: discounts up to 15%

Christmas padel gifts


Christmas is upon us and as always in December the usual doubt assails us: what to give for Christmas? If you're wondering what to give to those who like Padel, you should know that without a doubt the most welcome gifts will be a business suit technical or one racket quality. On the occasion of the 2022 Christmas holidays, Padel ITA has decided to offer its customers one discount up to 15%.

Padel clothing on offer

An original idea to amaze friends and relatives, without fail, is to give them as gifts specific clothing items for Padel. In our online store you can find t-shirts and shorts, tank tops and skirts, discounted at 10%. The same goes for sweatshirts and polo shirts, as well as socks to match suits and bags.

In case you decide to buy a men's padel set, a women's suit or for children, the offer will be more advantageous, because in this case you will benefit from the 15% discount, as well as of free shipping.

If you also play Padel and are a regular couple with your partner, an excellent idea to surprise him/her could be to put your game uniform under the tree. We remind you that the men's and women's suits have the same graphics, so they match each other perfectly.
Are you ready to amaze your opponents?

Padel rackets at a discounted price

A valid alternative to clothing are the Padel rackets, much appreciated by players. On Padel ITA we offer two types of rackets:

For both rackets you can take advantage of the 15% discount, as well as of free shipping.

Gift voucher valid for all products

If you are undecided about the gift to buy and want to remove all doubts, leaving the recipient to choose their own gift independently, the idea of gift voucher, of which you can choose the value, starting from €25 up to a maximum of €250. The gift voucher does not expire and will be valid for the purchase of any product on our site.