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Cerberus racket


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The “Cerbero” Padel Ita racket is ideal for beginner/intermediate level players looking for a balance between control and power. Its diamond shape offers high balance and a large sweet spot, useful characteristics for attacking without sacrificing precision.

The design of the racket is as sober as it is aggressive: gray and black alternate and present a play of hexagonal patterns on which the acronym ITA stands out, which distinguishes the Italian brand dedicated to Padel.

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Form: diamond
Balancing: high
Game level: beginner/intermediate
Chassis: 100% carbon
Surface: 12K carbon
Face finishing: sandblasted
Nucleus: Black Eva 23 rubber
Thickness: 38mm
Weight: 355 g
Safety leash: sliding

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The Cerbero frame, made of 100% carbon, ensures resistance and durability of the padel racket. The internal core of the shovel is made of Black Eva 23, a rubber with density and elasticity that allows for high sensitivity in shots. The surface of the Cerbero is in 12K Carbon, a weave of fibers that makes the material light and resistant. The cymbals are wrinkled thanks to the sandblasted finish which allows you to give effect to the blows. Each Padel ITA racket features a sliding safety lace as standard, ideal for comfort and protection.


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