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Padel outfits for children

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The t-shirts match the shorts with pockets making up the Padel outfits for children Padel ITA.
A modern look distinguishes children's suits. Each garment is carefully designed to ensure style and performance for little players. The technical fabric is light and resistant and the micro-perforated texture allows you to stay cool during the game. Made entirely in Italy, these sets were designed for playing padel. Children's suits have the same pattern as padel outfits for men, which is why many, as a gift idea, decide to buy the same outfit for the father and son who love to play together.

Personalized padel outfits for children

The outfits are made up of shorts with pockets and t-shirts that can be personalized with a name or surname print, making each one unique. Padel outfit for children. Customization does not affect costs, nor delivery times. If you buy a padel outfit, shipping is free.