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Padel ITA suits embody elegance and comfort in every match, offering two distinctive options: plush or acetate. Regardless of the choice, both variants stand out for a minimalist style that combines functionality and refinement.

Sweatshirts are ideal for facing cooler days. Made with a soft and warm fabric, they guarantee a feeling of enveloping comfort during the entire gaming session. The minimalist cut of the suit maintains a stylish appearance without compromising freedom of movement. The distinctive Padel ITA logo is proudly positioned on both the chest and the trousers, underlining belonging to a world of excellence in padel.

On the other hand, acetate suits offer lightness and breathability, making them ideal for warmer days. With an equally minimalist design, these suits maintain an elegant look without excess. The Padel ITA logo is precisely inserted on both the jacket and the trousers, confirming your adherence to a distinctive, high-quality style of play.

Both suit options reflect Padel ITA's commitment to offering not only exceptional performance but also timeless style. Whether you choose the softness of fleece suits or the lightness of acetate ones, you will be ready to conquer the pitch with confidence and style.