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Padel rackets

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Padel rackets Padel ITA brand, elegant and resistant, for adult players (men and women).

ITA Padel rackets: control and power

The padel rackets they are made with a 100% Carbon frame and wrinkled deck, but are designed for players with different playing levels:

Quality and design of the rackets

ITA Padel rackets are made with i best materials available on the market, which bring the same quality and durability over time. The refined design features a play of hexagons that give the blades an elegant and refined appearance.

Everything is fine padel racket comes standard with one sliding safety strap, ideal for comfort and protection. By purchasing a padel racket you will benefit from the free shipping.

If you want to form an opinion on the quality of ITA Padel rackets, we invite you to read the reviews on Trustpilot of users who have decided to purchase them.