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Why does everyone like padel?

because everyone likes padel


If you're wondering why play padel And because everyone likes it, you are in the right place.

Padel is definitely the most popular sport: the numbers bear witness to this. In fact, one is recorded exponential growth of padel courts throughout Italy, sometimes to the detriment of the more "classic" tennis and five-a-side football fields. At the same time, a continuous and dizzying increase in padelisti (padel players) of both sexes has been recorded in recent years, not by chance. We can no longer talk about current fashion, but about a real social phenomenon, which never fails to fascinate children.

Why play padel?

So what's behind this trend? What brings so many people to this new sporting discipline? The reasons are many and varied. Let's try to understand more.

Fun within everyone's reach

Everyone, children and adults, can play padel, even without being phenomena or super athletes. Suffice it to say that being a relatively new sport in Italy, many are now approaching this sport and finding novice players will not be difficult. Padel is an inclusive, team and aggregation sport: it is played with four people (two against two), and right from the start you will find the matches between friends very fun.

Accomplices of this wild fun they will be:

You learn to play quickly

The learning curve of the basics of padel is low. This means that the fundamentals of this sport are learned quickly, even playing games with friends. It will therefore not be long before we give life to good level challenges, also thanks to the small size of the court, the rackets without strings and the depressurized balls.

Let's face it, if you have played racket on the beach, you will already know how to handle a padel shovel (racket) and with a couple of lessons with a teacher you will acquire a good technique, to make a leap in quality.

You don't need much technique if your goal is movement and the fun: padel is a simple sport, obviously if you want to practice it at an amateur level. In short, it is difficult to leave a padel court disappointed or demoralized, quite the opposite, that is, it is impossible not to have fun and the first thought after the match will be to ask the center for availability for the next match.

Movement is good for the body and the mind

Padel is an aerobic sport and stimulates the muscles of the whole body, and not only. Unlike a gym, however, you burn calories while having fun, almost without realizing it.

Your legs, buttocks, abdominals and arms will thank you, because thanks to the movement you produce during the games, made up of small reactive sprints, the muscles will firm up. With them, the heart will also benefit from this discipline, for cardiovascular and cardiovascular activity, and the brain, for the release of endorphins, which is so good for mental well-being, reducing stress and anxiety.

Advice for those starting to play padel

If you are now approaching this sport, pay close attention to choosing the right shovel for you, because a racket intended for advanced players could initially be an obstacle, rather than an advantage, if you are a novice.

There Cerberus padel racket The Padel ITA brand is therefore a shovel for beginner/intermediate level players suitable for those starting to play padel, thanks to its diamond shape, high balance and a large sweet spot. An elegant, resistant racket with an excellent compromise between control and power.