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Grip and overgrip: the differences

padel racket grip


If you're wondering what they are the differences between grip and overgrip of padel rackets you are in the right place. These are elements of great importance for padel rackets Why improve grip, guarantee better playing comfort And prevent player injuries.

If for expert players the difference between grip and overgrip is well known, for amateurs and beginners knowing it is not at all obvious. In principle we can say that both are gods ribbons that wrap around the racket handles, but with some substantial differences:

Grips have one thickness greater than overgrips: I'll explain why. The grips have the task of avoiding direct contact with the grip of the racket, which in itself would be too rigid and uncomfortable to handle, and therefore require an adequate thickness, also in order to "file" the edges of the handle. It is also possible to play with just the original grip on the racket, but if the grip is uncomfortable, overgrips come to the rescue. In fact, overgrips serve to add further thickness to the grip and therefore more than one overgrip can be added (usually 2 at most), to achieve the comfort that every player desires.

Another difference that we can find is that the grips have one side entirely adhesive, as they must adhere perfectly to the racket handle, while overgrips only have an adhesive end.

Overgrips allow the grips to wear less, but as they are in direct contact with the skin they need to be replaced when the racket's grip fails. Therefore, if you are wondering how often to change padel overgrips, you should know that there is no pre-established time or a defined number of games after which overgrips must be replaced. Much depends on the player's sweating, which is absorbed by the tape.

THE grip Padel ITA they combine the usefulness of the grip with the convenience of overgrips. They are indeed rubberized and soft to the touch to facilitate grip and playing comfort, and for this reason they can be mounted on the shovel without the need to cover them with an overgrip.

The composition of the rubber also allows for dampen vibrations that are found during padel games, therefore to prevent gaming injuries.