in Italy free shipping from €70 and delivery in 2 days
free shipping from €70 e.g
delivery in 2 days in Italy


Shipping times and costs

THE Shipping Times (time of entrusting the goods to the courier) e delivery (useful time to send the product from our warehouses to its destination), indicated during the checkout phase, are absolutely indicative and may vary based on the availability of the product, the low or high season period, depending on the holiday periods and/or based on the delivery area. Any delays following the delivery of the goods to the courier cannot be a reason for complaint for Padel ITA.

Shipping costs vary based on the amount spent, the type of product purchased and the delivery area. Except where expressly indicated in the item description, the courier will be the GLS transport company.

Free shipping in Italy is available for purchases of an amount equal to or greater than €70.00. For amounts less than €70.00 the standard shipping cost is €6.00 (VAT included).

For any further information, write to

Deliveries, reserves and custody

Shipments are delivered in 2-3 working days (Saturdays and Sundays are not to be considered as working days), approximately between 8.30 am and 6.30 pm.
Orders placed before 10:00 are processed on the same day, orders after 10:00 are postponed to the following day.

Shipping does not include delivery to the floor, but only curbside unloading. The customer will not have to pay any further sum to the courier for unloading in addition to that already incurred, when ordering, for shipping. The customer must contact us immediately if the courier wishes to receive sums for ancillary services.

If the courier cannot find anyone to receive it, the goods will be returned to the courier's warehouse closest to the customer. The courier will send the stock notification directly to Padel Ita. A Padel Ita operator will contact the customer to arrange the return. The courier will not accept the reopening of the stock on the customer's initiative.

It is the shipping company's responsibility to transport the goods carefully and deliver an undamaged package.

With the transport contract the carrier undertakes, in return for payment, to transfer things from one place to another (article 1678 of the civil code).

The transport contract is a so-called works contract, in which the person carrying out the transport receives the goods into custody and is legally responsible for them. Indeed “the carrier is responsible for the loss or damage of the things delivered to him for transport, from the moment he receives them to the moment he returns them to the recipient, if he does not prove that the loss or damage arose from fortuitous circumstances, from nature or defects of the things themselves or their packaging, or by the action of the sender or that of the recipient".

During all this time the carrier has the custody of the goods received and there are few eventualities that indemnify him from loss or damage thereof.

Before releasing the forwarder, the customer must make sure of the conditions of the delivered material.

Signing without reservation or with reservation without justification is not valid for the purposes of the dispute and is equivalent to not making reservations. To open an insurance practice it is MANDATORY to affix a control reserve which is not generic but well-motivated. Under no circumstances should unsubstantiated reserve words be added: writing, for example, "ACCEPTED WITH RESERVATION OF VERIFICATION" or "CONTROL RESERVE" exempts Padel Ita from any liability. The customer will not have to worry about any reservations presented to the shipping company; these will be automatically deleted after 8 days.

Padel Ita will start its investigations and will be able to open the insurance practice ONLY AND EXCLUSIVELY provided that the customer has diligently justified the reservation of control.

The customer must take all the time necessary for the appropriate checks not being in a hurry to sign the shipping receipt. Make reservations about shipping, obviously where they are justified, it is a guaranteed right from the art. 1698 cc

The verification operations and any disputes must take place within 3 working days following the delivery date.

What reservations must the customer place on the waybill issued by the courier?

Before even examining the package, the customer must pay maximum attention to the delivery maneuver of the person in charge.

  1. The customer will have to accept with RESERVE FOR IMPROPER TREATMENT if the shipper pays little attention when unloading the goods, check that our label applied to the package correctly shows the delivery details (shipping address). In the event of an error, you will have to reject the shipment, highlighting to the carrier the discrepancy between the addresses on the package and on the shipping note. It will be the shipper's responsibility to track down the correct package in its distribution network and deliver it to you after a few days.
  2. The customer must then verify that the seals and/or warranty labels present are perfectly intact and not covered with courier tape. Otherwise, the customer will have to accept with RESERVE FOR SUSPECTED TAMPERING
  3. The customer will, however, have to accept with RESERVE FOR VISUALLY DAMAGED NECK if you find a minimal anomaly and specify in detail the extent of the damage (if the package is wet, bent...). In the event that the courier objects, it is advisable not to sign the courier's note and to promptly contact our customer service on 347 6558253. Our. logistics office will start investigations. The shipper will be liable for damage caused during transport.

How should the goods be checked upon arrival?

  1. Open the package and remove the contents, temporarily keeping all the packaging.
  2. Check the quantities of the goods delivered with the help of the accompanying invoice issued by the courier.
  3. If any hidden damage is found, the customer must send to info@padelita.itas many photos as possible that attest to what has been found, indicating the number and date of the accompanying invoice and the order number.
  4. Remain at Padel Ita's disposal until the dispute is resolved.
  5. If any material is missing, write to We will take care of making a further shipment upon completion. The customer obviously will not have to pay additional sums to cover this. non-compliance.

Reception and complaints

In the event that the customer wishes to open a complaint, he must contact our shipping office by telephone on 347 6558253.

At the time of delivery, the customer must check the packaging of the product(s) and the number and condition of the packages.

The customer must place the control and verification reservation on the courier's note, arguing and motivating the choice to accept the goods with reservation (general reservations such as "I accept the goods subject to inspection" are insufficient), confirm promptly (within 3 working days of receipt) and reserve it by telephone by contacting the Padel Ita shipping service on 347 6558253 and sending ad photos proving faults, shortages, hidden damage or other discrepancies with the order. No goods returned spontaneously will be accepted without prior agreement with Padel Ita.

Furthermore, the customer must be able to provide any justification regarding the veracity of the claims invoked and grant Padel Ita the right to verify the facts.

The returned product it must be delivered to Padel Ita couriers in perfect condition, in its original packaging and equipped with all accessories.

Padel Ita reserves the right to check the goods upon arrival, to accept the complaint and to proceed with the replacement of the defective or non-compliant product or its reimbursement in the event of unavailability of the product in the warehouse or with the suppliers.

What happens if the buyer refuses the delivery?

If the buyer refuses the goods they will be delivered to the courier's warehouse closest to the customer. The courier will send the stock notification directly to Padel Ita.

Attention! The courier will not accept the reopening of the stock on the customer's initiative!