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What to give to someone who plays padel

padel gift ideas


If you're wondering what to give to someone who plays padel, you need to know that they are there many gift ideas which can satisfy the needs of a padel enthusiast, whether man or woman.

Padel racket

The most appreciated gift as it is fundamental for those who play this sport, therefore the tool they could not do without, is certainly the padel racket, also called "shovel" in technical jargon, agift idea suitable for everyone.

Usually those who start playing padel decide to rent a racket at the sports center they start to frequent, but since the passion for this sport develops rapidly and the matches follow one another week after week, on balance buying a racket is worth it.

Padel, as you know, is a sport where you run a lot, and consequently you sweat a lot. Germs are also transferred through the hands (as the coronavirus has taught us), so we recommend purchasing your own racket also for strictly hygienic reasons.

Which racket to give as a gift?

We recommend giving the excellent gift to those who are starting to take their first steps in the field Cerbero padel racket ITA. This kind of shovel is well suited to beginner/intermediate level players. Whoever receives it will therefore be able to use it not only in the initial short period, but also exploit it when they become more familiar with the sport, and with the instrument in their hands, being able to push harder but without giving up control. If you want to give a more complete gift, with less than €100 you can take advantage of the Padel Pack Racket, a unisex package that at an advantageous price allows you to gift not only the Cerberus but also a breathable solid color training t-shirt.

However, if the recipient of the gift is an experienced player, your choice will have to be based on Caronte padel racket ITA, a high quality shovel for intermediate/advanced level players. You can find it in two versions, with small technical differences, but the Gold edition lends itself more to a jaw-dropping gift, thanks to the container box, inside which you will also find a free bag, useful as a clothing or racket holder.

You can approach the rackets if you wish useful accessories, like the grips that wrap around the handle of the racket to facilitate grip. Alternatively, you can choose between elegant bags and comfortable backpacks, to make the gift more complete.

Padel clothing

As previously mentioned, padel is a sport of great movement, so during matches you sweat a lot. Therefore, wearing is of great importance breathable padel clothing, which allows you to expel liquids instead of retaining them.

Padel ITA clothing is made with technical fabric: soft, comfortable, but above all breathable. Padel outfits are intended for men and women of all ages, so in the online store you can also purchase outfits for children.

Among the clothing gift ideas there are padel outfits, or simply t-shirts and tank tops, shorts or skirts with pockets... the choice is yours!

Respect for the environment

The company has adopted an ethical production approach, respecting nature and winking at the environment: the fabrics of the suits are in fact composed of recycled polyester fibers at 30%. We are sure that you will appreciate the effort put in.

Padel gift voucher

We have made a small overview of some interesting gift ideas for padel lovers, but if you are inexperienced, have some doubts about what to choose or absolutely don't want to make mistakes, we advise you to buy a gift voucher, which will always remain valid until it is spent and thanks to which you will leave the choice of the product to whoever receives it. Available in various cuts, you will decide the amount of your gift.