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What do you need to start playing Padel

what do you need to start playing padel


If you are also intrigued by this game and are wondering what do you need to start playing Padel, here you will find everything you need to know to start practicing this discipline. Padel does not require particular skills to play at an amateur level and guarantees a lot of fun for all those who decide to try their hand at a game with friends. Obviously, as with any other sport, you need to know the Padel rules (in particular knowing the service and the use of the walls) and being in good health, to keep up with the pace of the match.

Let's start by showing you the technical material to use and then give you some practical advice to be ready when you arrive on the pitch.

Padel racket and balls

The main tools you need to start playing Padel are a racket (also called “pala”) and of specific balls, which although similar in appearance to tennis ones, are different in pressurization, to facilitate play.

Padel rackets have a full plate with holes in the center and are of different shapes: round, teardrop and diamond, with a low, medium and high balance respectively. The low balance (therefore towards the handle) favors the control of the shots, while the high balance favors the power game.

If you are a novice player the Padel racket ITA Cerbero it is the ideal shovel for beginner/intermediate level players, with an excellent balance between control and power, light and at the same time resistant thanks to the 100% carbon frame.

Padel clothing

Although it is not a fundamental requirement for those who start playing Padel, a fresh and breathable clothing can guarantee you better performance on the pitch. Inside our online store you can find Padel clothing with technical fabric, for adults and children of both sexes.

In particular, we recommend shorts and skirts with pockets, which will allow you to conveniently store the balls inside them during the game and avoid wasting time recovering them from the pitch.

Tips for playing Padel

Nowadays you can find everything on the internet, tutorials of all kinds on YouTube. By searching online, you can look Padel match videos in which you will certainly find excellent ideas for understanding how to play, therefore the rules, but also the best shots to try on the pitch to beat your opponents.

After this general smattering, it will be time to take the field. You have two options: rent a court with friends of the same level as you and improvise on one match (where you will certainly have fun) or rely on a Padel teacher who will give you some lesson to start.

Don't worry, you won't struggle to find one because now almost all Padel courts have partnerships with instructors, so just ask at the reception of the sports center to receive some useful contacts for this purpose. This connection between the fields and the teachers is a natural consequence of the fact that sooner or later the desire to make a leap in quality, improve in play and tactics, will lead you to invest some money in private lessons.

Obviously nothing stops you from doing so practice on your own, even if it is being followed by a master is another thing. In any case, if you decide to try it alone, you will have to position yourself on the court in front of a wall and hit while keeping your eyes firmly on the ball, and practice first with the forehand and backhand, and later with the volley, a slightly ' harder.

Don't be disappointed if you struggle with the first shots, all it takes is a little practice and you will immediately get the first results and you will see your improvements with every game you play.

All we have to do is wish you happy Padel!